2020 Will Rogers Medallion Award Banquet Ticket Order Form

(Coming Soon - We ask that you wait until further notice before mailing your order form and ticket money. Until that time, please email the number of tickets you would like to reserve to: laurie@magnificentsam.com for planning purposes)


Name: ________________________________________________________                                                                    

Address:  ______________________________________________________

I would like to order _______  Award Show Banquet tickets at $65 each


  ________  x  $65 = ________ Total


I would like to pay by:    

Check  (enclosed)______

Money Order (enclosed)______

My name tag(s) should read: __________________________________________,    ______________________________   _____________________________,  _____________________________________


Book Sales

I will______   will not____ be selling books at the Trade Show.

There is no charge for this activity. You are responsible for your own admittance to the rest of the Red Steagall Cowboy Gathering. 

Grand Total:

                                                                                    Banquet  $_________

                                                                                    Ad            $________ 

                                                                                    TOTAL     $________

                                                            Mail To:

                                                   Charles Williams

                                                  7506 Silver Lake Drive

                                                  Rowlett, TX 75089

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