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2019 Medallion Winners


Western Nonfiction

1st Place: The Promise of the Grand Canyon

John F. Ross (Penguin/Viking)

2nd Place: A Crooked River: Rustlers, Rangers, & Regulars

Michael Collins (University of Oklahoma Press)

3rd Place:The Black Legend: George Bascom, Cochise & the Start of the Apache Wars

Douglas "Doug" Hocking (TwoDot)

4th Place: Calling the Brands

Monty McCord (TwoDot)  

5th Place: Old West Showdowns: Two Authors Wrangle

Bill Markley & Kellen Cutsforth (TwoDot) 

Western Fiction - Younger Readers

1st Place: Escape to Fort Abercrombie

Candace Simar (Five Star)

2nd Place: Black Rock Brothers (Wilder Good)

S.J. Dahlstrom (Paul Dry Books)

3rd Place: Mystery on the Pecos

Alice V. Brock (Pen-L Publishing)

4th Place: Castle Butte

John D. Nesbitt (Five Star)

5th Place: Stories From M2 Ranch

Geoff "Poppa Mac" McKay (Poppa Mac Inc.)

Western Bios & Memoirs

1st Place: The Cowboy President: The American West and the Making of Theodore Roosevelt

Michael F. Blake (TwoDot)

2nd Place: Black & Kiddo: A True Story of Dust, Determination, and Cowboy Dreams

Brenda Clem Black (Et Alia Press)

3rd Place: Ann Bassett: Colorado's Cattle Queen

Linda Wommack (Caxton Press)

4th Place: World War II Veterans' Voices and Home Front Memories

Elaine Thomas (Calla Press)

5th Place: Ridin' Ropin' & Jumpin' Over Cars: The Biography of Virginia Reger

Elaine Fields Smith (Blazing Star Books)

Western Romance

1st Place: Walk the Promise Road

Anne Schroeder (Prairie Rose Publications)

2nd Place: Leaving Ah-wah-nee

Harlan Hague (Graycatbird Books)

3rd Place: Joy That Long Endures

Alethea Williams (C.R. Williams)

4th Place: Dire Wolf of the Quapaw

Phil Truman (Phil Truman)

5th Place: A Bad Place to Die

Easy Jackson [Vicky Rose] (Pinnacle/Kensington)

The winners, by category (publishers in parenthesis) include: 

Western Humor - Written

1st Place: Katydids and Trains: Fading Sounds of the Cherokee Fringe

B.L. Perryman (IRM Press)

Inspirational Western Fiction

1st Place: The Dove Shall Fly

Judith Austin Mills (Plain View Press)

2nd Place: Miss Royal's Mules

Irene Bennett Brown (Five Star)

3rd Place: Remember Texas

Laura Conner Kestner (Sycamore House)

4th Place: Finding True Home

Heidi M. Thomas (SunCatcher)

Photographic Essays

1st Place (tie): Cowboys, Creatures & Classics

Chris Enss (Lyons Press)

1st Place (tie): Magnificent American West

C.J. Hadley (RANGE)

Cowboy Poetry

1st Place: Tales of the Trails

Marleen Bussma (Dammeron Valley)

2nd Place: Cowman

Bruce Roseland (Scurfpea)

3rd Place: Bluebonnets, Boots, & Black-eyed Peas

Nancy K. Arnold (Phase West)

4th Place: Horses, Dogs and Wives

Bryce Burnett (Driver Works Ink)

Western Nonfiction- Young Readers

1st Place: Apacheria: True Stories of Apache Culture, 1860-1920

W. Michael Farmer (TwoDot)

2nd Place: The Trials of Annie Oakley

C. Enss & H. Kazanjian (TwoDot)

Western Cookbooks

1st Place: Family Tree Recipes: Cooking With Cowgirl - Uncorked

Dawn Nelson (Gray Dog Press)

Western Fiction

1st Place: Knight of the Tiger: Legends of the Desert Book 3

W. Michael Farmer (Five Star)

1st Place: Knight's Odyssey: Legends of the Desert Book 2

W. Michael Farmer (Five Star)

2nd Place: A Death in Eden

Keith McCafferty (Viking)

3rd Place: Depth of Winter

Craig Johnson (Viking)

4th Place (tie): Hawke's War

Reavis Wortham (Kensington)

4th Place (tie): Gold Dust

Reavis Wortham (Poison Pen Press)

4th Place (tie): When I Die: The Legend of Joe Mundy

Monty McCord (Five Star)

Western Fiction - Short Stories

1st Place: The Cattle Driver

Ryan Uytdewilligen (Red Dashboard)

2nd Place: "A Sweet Talking Man"

from the book The Untamed West

Easy Jackson [Vicky Rose] (Western Fictioneers)

Western Film - Documentary

1st Place: Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch

Patrick Curtis

Special Award


Dusty Richards (Oghma Creative Media)

Western Fiction- Younger Readers, Illustrated

1st Place: Trash Talk

Liz Hughey & Son (Whitehall)

1st Place: Pack String Hang-Up ... A Mule Trail Tale

Liz Hughey & Son (Whitehall)

2nd Place: Lollypop and Laren

Dawn Nelson (Crazy Cow Press)

3rd Place: Gracie Jane

Janet Squires (Mindstir Media)

Western Poetry - CD

1st Place: Rhymes & Reasons Why

Bob Upchurch

2nd Place: Tales From the Road

Aspen Black

Western Mavericks

1st Place: Whiskey When We're Dry

John Lanson (Viking)

2nd Place: Light of the Northern Dancers

Robin F. Gainey (Untreed Reads)

3rd Place: Gypsy Rock

Robert D. McKee (Five Star)

4th Place: A Dying Note

Ann Parker (Poisoned Pen Press)

Western Illustrations, Graphics, & Iconic Images

1st Place: Mis-Adventures of Petey and Cecil

E. "A-10" Etcheverry

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