2020 WRMA Finalists

Finalists in each category are listed in alphabetical order by the author's last name.
Book titles are followed by the author and publisher (in parenthesis).

Western Nonfiction

Geronimo, Prisoner of Lies: Twenty-Three Years as a Prisoner of War

(1886-1909)  W. Michael Farmer (TwoDot)

Terror on the Santa Fe Trail: Kit Carson and the Jicarilla Apache

Doug Hocking (TwoDot)

Wyatt Earp & Bat Masterson: Lawmen of the Legendary West

Bill Markley (TwoDot)

Billy the Kid & Jesse James: Outlaws of the Legendary West

Bill Markley (TwoDot)

The Mormon Handcart Migration

Candy Moulton (University of Oklahoma Press)

Western Biographies

According to Kate: The Legendary Life of Big Nose Kate, Love of Doc Holliday  

Chris Enss (TwoDot)

California Madams 

Sherry Monahan (Farcountry Press)

Killing Pat Garrett: The Wild West's Most Famous Lawman

David G. Thomas (Doc45 Publishing)

Washington Territory's Grand Lady: The Story of Matilda (Glover) Koontz Jackson

Julie McDonald Zander (Chapters of Life Memory Books)

Western Romance

The Daughter's Predicament

Mary Davis (Mountain Brook Ink)

This New Day

Harlan Hague (Graycatbird Books)

Summer of Fire

Rain of Fire

Lake of Fire

Linda Jacobs (Goodreader Press)

A Slip on Golden Stairs

Joanne Sundell (Five Star Publishing)

Red River Rifles: The Texas Wyllie Brothers

Dorothy Wiley (DMY Publications)


All Man's Land

D. Laszlo Conhaim (Broken Arrow Press)


Mary Anna Evans (Poisoned Pen Press)

The Healer's Daughter

Charlotte Hinger (Five Star Publishing)

The Apprentice: North in the Spring

Frank Kelso (Beachfront Press)

Kunze Up Front!

Otto Kunze (Christian Faith Publishing)

Western Fiction: Young Readers/Illustrated

Ruby's Christmas Gifts

Nancy Oswald (Filter Press)

Rowdy Randy

Casey Rislov (Mountain Stars Press)

Western Fiction: Young Readers

Silverbelly: The Adventures of Wilder Good #6

S.J. Dahlstrom (Paul Dry Books)

All Their Yesterdays

Karen Mireau (Azalea Art Press)

Cowboy Poetry: Written


Sharon Salisbury O'Toole (Red Dashboard)

Musings From Cowboy Country

George Rhoades (Outskirts Press)

Western Fiction

Death Stalks Apache Oro

Sam Judd Fadala (Sundown Press)

The Last Warrior: The Life and Times of Yellow Boy

W. Michael Farmer (Five Star Publishing)

Blood-Soaked Earth: The Trial of Oliver Lee

W. Michael Farmer (Five Star Publishing)

Land of Wolves: A Longmire Mystery

Craig Johnson (Viking)

Cut Nose

Ron Schwab (Leafcutter Publishing)

Promised Land: Wyatt Earp, An American Odyssey

Mark Warren (Five Star Publishing)

The Mustangers    *Special Award

Andrew J. Fenady (Pinnacle)

Inspirational Western Fiction

Apache Lament

Patrick Dearen (Five Star Publishing)

Mustang: A Novel of World War II

John Dwyer (Tiree Press)

A Texas Promise

Laura Conner Kestner (Sycamore House Publishing)

One More River to Cross

Jane Kirkpatrick (Revell) 

Sand Creek Serenade

Jennifer Uhlarik (Smitten Historical Romance)

Western Short Stories

The Assassin

Patrick Dearen (Hobnail & Other Frontier Stories)

Sit a Tall Horse

Paul Hunter (Davila Art & Books)

The Hope Chest

Preston Lewis (The Spoilt Quilt & Other Frontier Stories)

A Grave Too Many

Preston Lewis (Contention & Other Frontier Stories)


Matthew P. Mayo (The Spoilt Quilt & Other Frontier Stories)

Running Iron

Robert McKee (Contention & Other Frontier Stories)

Boy in the Darkness

Anne Schroeder (Trailblazer Western Fiction)

Graphic Novels & Iconic Images

Alamo All-Stars

Nathan Hale (Amulet Books)

Western Photographic Essays

Tales From Out There

C.J. Hadley (RANGE Magazine)

Western Nonfiction: Young Readers/Illustrated

Let 'Er Buck! George Fletcher, the People's Champion

Vaunda Micheaux Nelson (Lerner Publishing)

Western Humor, Written

Petey and Cecil Ride Again

Denny Bertrand (Somewhere Outwest Books)

Cowboy Poetry: CDs

Snow on the Sage

Marleen Bussma (CD)

Cowboy Spirit

Larry Thompson (CD)

We would like to extend our thanks and congratulations to all the poets, authors, publishers, and artists who entered. Both the number and the quality of entries this year are outstanding, and is a tribute not only to the continuing interest in the West and literature about it, but also to the the scholarship, insight, and skill of the researchers, writers, and storytellers who keep that interest alive and vital. This year was especially notable for the depth and virtuosity of the Western Fiction, with two dozen entries in that category alone. Once again, our thanks and admiration to all the wonderfully talented people who took the time and effort to enter. Thank you!

-Charles Williams, Executive Director

Will Rogers Medallion Award Committee

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