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2003 - 2015 Will Rogers Medallion Award Winners




                                                2015 WRMA Winners

The winners, by category, include (publisher in parenthesis):


Cowboy Poetry

1st Place: Rhyming The Range by Yvonne Holenbeck (self) 

2nd Place: The Cowgirl Brand by Dawn Nelson (Gray Dog Press) 

3rd Place: Homegrown and Other Poems by Bryce Burnett (DriverWorks Ink)

Western Fiction

1st Place: Spirit Of Steamboat; Waiting For Signs; A Serpent's Tooth; and Any Other Name by Craig Johnson (Viking Penguin Random House) 

2nd Place: Looking For Lynne by John L. Moore (self)

3rd Place: The Big Drift by Patrick Dearen (TCU Press)

4th Place: Buffalo Grass Rider: Rough River Gold by Allen Russell (Rough River Press)

5th Place: Ragtime Cowboys by Loren D. Estleman (Forge Books)


Biographies & Memoirs

1st Place: The M Bar by Harry Webb & C.J. Hadley (RANGE Magazine)

2nd Place: The Horse Lover by H. Alan Day (University of Nebraska Press) 

3rd Place: Western Women Who Dared To Be Different by Gail Woerner (Wild Horse Media Group)


Western Nonfiction

1st Place: Kit Carson and the First Battle of Adobe Walls by Alvin R. Lynn (Texas Tech University Press) 

2nd Place: Death Of A Texas Ranger by Cynthia Leal Massey (Globe Pequot Press) 

3rd Place: Necessary Evil by Joe Johnson (Missouri History Museum) 

4th Place: The Death Row All-Stars by Chris Enss & Howard Kazanjian (Rowman & Littlefield)

5th Place: Old 300: Gone To Texas by Paul N. Spellman (self)  


Photographic Essays

1st Place: Charles M. Russell: Photographing The Legend by Larry Len Peterson (Univ. of Oklahoma Press)

2nd Place: Unbranded by Ben Masters (Texas A&M Press)  


Inspirational Fiction

1st Place: Romancing The Widow by Davalynn Spencer (Harlequin Heartsong Presents)  

2nd Place: Vanishing Raven by Stephen Smart (High Mule Publishing)  

3rd Place: Girls and Gunsmoke by Mikki Daniel (MD Productions)


Western Romance

1st place: Walls For The Wind by Aletha Williams (Whiskey Creek Press)  

2nd place: Wrangle by Jonnie Martin (self)  

3rd place: The Rail Queen by B J Scott (self)  


Western Fiction—Younger Readers

1st Place: Texas Grit by S.J. Dahlstrom (Paul Dry Books)

2nd Place: Journey To Galveston by Melodie A. Cuate (Texas Tech University Press)  

3rd Place: Eagle Talons, The Iron Horse Chronicles by Robert Lee Murphy (Five Star Publishing)

4th Place: Texas: Cowboys and Campfires by Nancy Sifford Alana (self)  

5th Place: Trouble On The Tracks by Nancy Oswald (Filter Press, LLC) 


Western Fiction—Young Readers, Illustrated

1st Place: My Pony Bucks by Jay Hahnkamp, Illustrated by Bonnie Shields (Keokee Co. Publishing)  

2nd Place: Pioneer Pups by Nancy Kay Arnold, Illustrated by Ellen Berger (Acacia Publishing) 


Western Cookbook

1st Place: Family Tree Recipes by Dawn Nelson (Gray Dog Press)

2013 WRMA Winners   


Cowboy Poetry

1st Place: Along the Chisolm Trail by George Rhodes (Outskirts Press)

2nd Place: Western Poetry With a Cowboy Flair by Denny Bertrand (Xlibris)

Western Non-Fiction

1st Place: The Texas Legation Papers 1836-1845 by Dr. Kenneth R. Stevens, PhD (TCU Press)

2nd Place: The Reckoning: The Triumph of Order on the Texas Outlaw Frontier by Peter R. Rose (Texas Tech University Press)

Western Fiction

1st Place: Unbroke Horses by D.B. Jackson (Goldminds Publishing)

2nd Place: A Texas Destiny: The Story Begins by Joe G. Bax (Emerald Book Co.)

3rd Place: Buffalo Grass Rider: The Lonesome Wind by Allen Russell (Rough River Press)

4th Place: To Hell or the Pecos by Patrick Dearen (TCU Press)

5th Place: Red Lands Outlaw: The Ballad of Henry Starr by Phil Truman (Roots and Branches)

Western Fiction - Younger Readers

1st Place: Liberty's Christmas by Randall Platt (Texas Tech University Press)

2nd Place: Journey to Plum Creek (Mr. Barrington's Mysterious Trunk) by Melodie A. Cuate (Texas Tech University Press)

3rd Place: Elizabeth's Christmas Eve Gift by Chesna Smith

Western Non-Fiction - Juvenile

1st Place: Light on the Prairie: Solomon D. Butcher, Photographer of Nebraska's Pioneer Days by Nancy Plain (University of Nebraska Press

Western Humor

1st Place: The Auction Horse by Dave P. Fisher (Western Trail Blazer)

2nd Place: Tales From the B-O Ranch and other Stories of Cowboys, Rednecks, Musicians, and assorted Varmints by Buck Helton (In Cahoots)

3rd Place: Once Upon a Texas Cattle Ranch: Memories of the A Bar Ranch by Sam Dalmont (Five Forks Trail Press)

2014 WRMA Winners

Western Fiction

1st Place: Jury of Six  by David Fisher (Five Star)

2nd Place: Dark Prairie by John Nesbitt (Five Star)

3rd Place: The Outcasts by Kathleen Kent (Little, Brown, & Co)

4th Place: Jackson Hole Journey by Linda Jacobs (Camel Press)

5th Place: Rio Tinto by Michael Zimmer (Five Star)

Honorable Mention: Mundy's Law: The Legend of Joe Mundy by Monty McCord (Five Star)

Honorable Mention: Gunman's Tally/King of the Gunmen/Boss of the Tumbleweed by L. Ron Hubbard (Galaxy)

Honorable Mention: The Pursuit of Murieta by Thomas D. Clagett (Five Star)

Graphic Novels

1st Place: Law of the Desert Born by Louis L'Amour/Beau L'Amour (Random House)

Western Cookbooks

1st Place: Cow Camp Cookery by David E. McDowell (Instant Publications)


1st Place: Brushstrokes & Balladeers: Painters and Poets of the American West by C.J. Hadley (RANGE Magazine)

2nd Place: Buckaroo Poetry: Cowboys Poems For Young and Old by P.W. Conway (Blue Cactus Publications)

3rd Place: Thorns on the Rose by John D. Nesbitt (Western Trailblazer Press)

Western Non-Fiction/Young Readers

1st Place: Magnificent Sam: The Amazing Adventures of Sam Houston by Laurie Cockerell (Kinderfable Press)

2nd Place: The Modoc War by Cheewa James (Horizon Speaking and Publication Services)

Western Biographies and Memoirs

1st Place: (Tie) Cowboy Stuntman: From Olympic Gold to the Silver Screen by Dean Smith and Mike Cox (Texas Tech University Press)

1st Place: (Tie) John Wayne: The Genuine Article by Michael Goldman & Ethan Wayne (Insight Editions)

3rd Place: Charlie Russell: The Cowboys Years (second edition) by Jane Lambert (Mountain Press)

4th Place: Rough Breaks: A Wyoming High Country Memoir by Laurie Wagner Buyer (University of Oklahoma Press)

5th Place: Circling Back Home: A Plainswoman's Journey by Darcy Lipp-Acord (South Dakota State Historical Society)

Western Fiction - Younger Readers

1st Place (3 Title Tie):

Bronco Sam and the Mustang by Vaughn Wilson (Hawk Crest)

Lecile and the Racing Rodeo Mule by Vaughn Wilson (Hawk Crest)

Trevor and the Cow-Shy Cow Horse by Vaughn Wilson (Hawk Crest)

2nd Place: Flint Pierce: The Adventures of a Young Nevada Cowboy by Mike Prince (Sagebrush Publications)

Inspirational Fiction

1st Place: Forgiving Effie Black by Karen Casey Fitzjerell (WKMA Publications)

2nd Place: Retribution by Tammy Hinton (Prickly Pear Press)

3rd Place: Catherine's Pursuit by Lena Nelson Dooley (Realms)

Photo Essays

1st Place: A Family of the Land: The Texas Photography of Guy Gillette by Andy Wilkinson (University of Oklahoma Press)

Western Non-Fiction

1st Place: Tales of the Frio Canyon by Linda Kirkpatrick (Frontier Books)


2012 WRMA Winners

Cowboy Poetry

Dakota, by Bette Wolf Duncan (Xlibris, Bloomington, Indiana)

Horse Tracks​, by Henry Real Bird (Lost Horse Press, Sandpoint, Idaho)

Western Nonfiction

Still Lovin' the Ride: The Janet McBride Story, by Janet McBride, Mary Schultz (Miles of Memories, Streetman, Texas)

Will Rogers: A Political Life​​, by Richard D. White (Texas Tech University Press, Lubbock, Texas)

Western Fiction

Love Finds You in Sundance, Wyoming, by Miralee Ferrell (Summerside Press, Bloomington, Minnesota)

The Cougar's Prey, by Larry D. Sweazy (Berkley Books, New York, New York)

Unbridled​, by Tammy Hinton (Roots and Branches, Denton, Texas)

They Rode Good Horses, by D. B. Jackson (Goldminds Publishing, Nashville, Tennessee)

Captive Trail​, by Susan Page Davis (River North, Chicago, Illinois)

Western Nonfiction - Juvenile

Texas Tales Illustrated: The Revolution​​, by Mike Kearby (TCU Press, Fort Worth, Texas)

Western Fiction - Juvenile

The Year We Were Famous, by Carole Estby Dagg (Clarion, New York, New York)

Western Cookbook

Bar E Ranch Chuckwagon Cookbook​, by Tom Elliot (G&R Publishing, Waverly, Iowa)​

2011 WRMA Winners

Cowboy Poetry​

Western Poetry: In This Land Of Little Rain, by Jane Ambrose Morton (Cowboy Miner Productions, Phoenix, Arizona)

Western Nonfiction

Cowboy's Lament, by Frank Maynard, Jim Hoy (Texas Tech University Press, Lubbock, Texas)

Georgia Cowboy Poets, by David Fillingim (Mercer University Press, Macon, Georgia)

Western Fiction

The Scorpion Trail, by Larry D. Sweazy (Berkley Books, New York, New York)

The General and Monaville, Texas, by Joe Bax (Greenleaf Book Group, Austin, Texas)

A Hundred Miles to Water, by Mike Kearby (Goldminds Publishing, Nashville, Tennessee)

The Chameleon Rancher, by Pat Jacobs (Glory Ann Kurtz, Boyd, Texas)

Love Finds You In Golden, New Mexico, by Lena Nelson Dooley (Summerside Press, Bloomington, Minnesota)

Photographic Essays

Humbolt Heartland, by Andy Westfall (Humbolt Heartland, Ferndale, California)

Tell Me About That Horse, by Vaughn Wilson (Hawk Crest Publishing, Petal, Mississippi)

It's All About The Buckle: Cooking With The C-C, by Sue Cunningham, Jean Cates​ (Cowbarn Cowboy Productions)

Western Humor

Just A Cowboy, by Kenny Phipps (In-Cahoots Literary Inc, Allan, Texas)

Hotter 'N Pecos, by Bobby Weaver (Texas Tech University Press, Lubbock, Texas)

Western Cookbooks

Cow Country Cooking, by Kathy McCraine

2010 WRMA Winners

Cowboy Poetry

Views From The Saddle by Clark Crouch, Bothell, Washington (Western Poetry Publications, Bothell, WA)

Western Nonfiction

Outlaws, Outcasts and Second Chance Horses by Pat Jacobs (Glory Ann Kurtz, Boyd, TX)

Some Were Cowboys by Pat Reagan, as told to Jean G. Schnitz (Xlibris, Bloomington, IN)

Cowboy Park - Steer Roping Contests on the Border by John O. Baxter (Texas Tech University Press)


Western Fiction– Young Adult

Hellie Jondoe by Randell Platt, Seattle, Washington (Texas Tech University Press)

Western Fiction

Texas Blood Feud by Dusty Richards, Springdale, Arkansas (Pinnacle Books, New York, NY)


Cow Country Cooking, Arizona


Cowboy Poetry

Originally created to honor outstanding volumes of Cowboy Poetry, the Will Rogers Medallion Award soon expanded into other categories as interest and reader demand increased.  Will Rogers was an accomplished author as well as a cowboy entertainer, and the purpose of the Award is to honor this facet of his legacy as well as to highlight current books that embody strong content, excellent production values, and enduring interest.  The Twelfth Annual Award Show, hosted in the Ft. Worth Stockyards during Red Steagall’s Twenty-Fifth Cowboy Gathering, attracted authors from as far away as Canada, Wyoming, the Dakotas, and Montana.  “As writers, as Westerners, and as Americans, we owe a tremendous debt to Will Rogers, and this is our way of acknowledging and honoring that debt,” said Mr. Williams.

These early WRMA Medallion Winners included:

Lost Trails & Other Poems and Stories by Willard Hollopeter (Pine Hill Press, Sioux Falls, SD 2008)

Cowboy Poetry: The Gathering by Michael Whitaker (Cowboy Miner Productions, Phoenix, AZ  2005)

Western Images by Clark Crouch (Western Cowboy Publications, Richland, WA 2007)

Beyond the Smoke by Terry W. Burns (JourneyForth, Greenville, SC 2009)

Buck Ramsey's Grass edited by Scott Braucher and Bette Ramsey (Texas Tech University Press, Lubbock, TX 2005)

Western Poetry: West River Waltz by DW Groethe (Cowboy Miner Productions, Phoenix, AZ 2006)

Cowboy Poetry: The Campfire Ain't Quite Out by Kent Stockton (Cowboy Miner Productions, Phoenix, AZ 2006)

A Corner of Heaven: Cowboy Poetry by Bruce Satta (Bruce Satta, 2006)

Where Sagebrush Grows by Darin Brookman (Pair'a Spurs Press, Hollis, OK  2004)

West of Yesterday-East of Tomorrow by Charley Hendren (The Cowboyography Corral, Douglas, WY 2005)

They Still Do That by Dave P. Fisher (Double Diamond Books, Sparks, NV 2006)

When Cowboys Rode Away by Glen Enloe (Infinity Publishing, West Conshohocken, PA, 2006)

From My Window by Yvonne Hollenbeck (Pine Hill Press, Sioux Falls, SD, 2005)

Cowboy Poetry: The Reunion edited by Virginia Bennett (Gibs Smith, Publisher, Salt Lake City, UT 2004)

The Adventures of Randy Jones and Booger Red by Gail T. Burton (Phantom Publishing, Benton, AR 2005)

Drover Diaries: Original Poems of the American Cowboy by Rod Nichols (Painted Word Studios, Crosby, TX 2006)

A Prairie Prayer by Bruce Roseland (The North Dakota Institute for Regional Studies, Fargo, ND 2008)

Arizona Women: Weird, Wild & Wonderful by Dee Strickland Johnson (Cowboy Miner Productions, Phoenix, AZ 2006)

Rhymes & Damn Lies by Mike Puhallo (Hancock House, Blaine, WA 2006)

A Little Bit of Texas by Rod Nichols (Passage Publishing, 2002)

MIssouri Cowboy Poetry:Poems & Stories by the Missouri Cowboy Poets Association (MCPA, Verona, MO 2001)

View From Rider's Rest by Richard Barsaleau (2006)

Horse Daze by Harold Roy Miller (2006)

Cowboy Poetry: Classic Poems and Prose by Badger Clark (2006)

Cowboy Poetry: The Reunion & In the Company of Horses by Virginia Bennett (2005)

Cowboy Poetry: Cloud Watcher by Rolf Flake (2005)

Wild and Wooly Western Verse by Sam A. Jackson (2005)

Short Poets, Tall Cowboys by Val Moker/Jesse Colt (2005)

Just More Thinking by Georgie Sicking (2005)

Sunday Creek by Jeff Streeby (2005)

Ridin' Side by Side by Diane Thompson (2005)

The Gathering by Mike Whitaker (2005)

The Campfire Ain't Quite Out by Kent Stockton (2007)

Somewhere Between Earth and Heaven by Mike Dunn (2003)

An Old Cowboy Still Remembers by Glen Enloe (2003)

Walk Out a Cowboy by Chuck Beggs (2003)

Classic Western Poetry by Bill Black (2003)

Common Sense, Men and Horses by Debra C. Hill (2003)

My Home on the Range by Yvonne Hollenbeck (2003)

Almost Live in Elko by Chris Isaacs (2003)

Way Out West by Verlin Pitt (2003)

Cowboy Poetry by Pat Richardson (2003)

Rainman by Lloyd Shelby (2003)

Rhyme and Reason by Doris Daley (2004)

Don't Ever Sell Your Saddle by Glen Enloe (2004)

Time Not Measured by a Clock by Carole Jarvis (2004)

Arizona Herstory by Dee Johnson (2004)

Ground Tied by Lyn Messermith (2004) 

Cowboy Poetry: Turning to Face the Wind by Jane Morton (2004)

Pat Richardson Unhobbled by Pat Richardson

Naturally Raised by Mary Jean Rishein (2004)

Born to This Land by Red Steagall/Skeeter Hager (2004)

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