Entries for the 2021 WRMA Contest are now closed.

Opening date of submissions for 2022 will be announced soon.

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Judging Criteria 

The Will Rogers Medallion Award recognizes excellence in Western literature and media. The quality of each entry is judged based on content and artistic presentation. All works must represent an accurate reflection of Western Americana, or cowboy and ranch life, historical or contemporary. Historical accuracy is crucial where applicable. Books are judged on their literary quality as well as cover art. All visual arts will be judged based on their visual quality of the same criteria. All books must have an ISBN. Self-published works are accepted, although we do advise self-publishers to give themselves a publisher name, rather than “self” or “Amazon.”



------ Cowboy Poetry Recorded

------ Cowboy/Poetry-Written

------ Western Fiction

------ Western Fiction – Short Stories

------ Western Non-Fiction

------ Western Non -Fiction- Biography & Memoir

------ Western Fiction - Young Readers

------ Western Fiction – Young Readers - Illustrated

------ Inspirational Western Fiction

------ Western Non-Fiction - Young Readers

------ Western Non-Fiction - Young Readers Illustrated

------ Western Photographic Essays

------ Western Cookbooks

------ Western Graphic Novels/Illustrations, Visual Humor and Iconic Images

------ Western Humor - Written

------ Western Film - Drama

------ Western Film - Documentary

------ Western Fiction Romance


Author/Publisher Information:


Book Title____________________________________________________________

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Submission Guidelines:

Books that are eBook originals or exclusive must be submitted in a printed copy. No electronic copies will be accepted in any format.

Submit five (5) copies of the published work, a completed contest entry form, along with a $45 entry fee to:


Charles Williams, WRMA Submissions

7506 Silver Lake Drive, Rowlett, TX  75089