Cowboy Poetry Recordings


In response to continued strong interest and increased requests, the Will Rogers Medallion Award Committee is pleased to announce that a category for Cowboy Poetry Recordings has been added. Cowboy poets wishing to enter are requested to submit five cpies of their CD, together with an entry fee of $45, to:

WRMA Medallion Award Contest

7506 Silver Lake Drive

Rowlett, TX 75089

The CDs will be submitted to a panel of judges according to the following criteria:


Content (70 Points)

Is the poetry interesting and entertaining? (0-40 points)                            ________

Does the poetry reflect Cowboy or Ranching life? (0-10)                           ________

Is the poetry technically well done? (0-20)                                                 ________

Presentation (30 points)                                                                         

If music is added, does it fit and add value? (0-10)                                   ________

Is the language suitable? (within poetic usage) ? (0-5)                             ________


Is the poetry clear and understandable? (0-10)                                        ________

Is the packaging (j-card, case, credits, etc.) acceptable? (0-5)               ________

Submissions are restricted to releases from the immediate past year.

Spoken word CDs will be considered upon prior arrangement with the Committee.