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Cowboy Poetry Recordings


In response to continued strong interest and increased requests, the Will Rogers Medallion Award Committee is pleased to announce that a category for Cowboy Poetry Recordings has been added to our contest categories. Cowboy poets wishing to enter are requested to submit five copies of their CD, together with an entry fee of $45, to:

WRMA Medallion Award Contest

c/o Laurie Cockerell

5313 Santa Marie Ave.

Fort Worth, TX 76114

The CDs will be submitted to a panel of judges according to the following criteria:


Content (70 Points)

Is the poetry interesting and entertaining? (0-40 points)                            ________

Does the poetry reflect Cowboy or Ranching life? (0-10)                           ________

Is the poetry technically well done? (0-20)                                                 ________

Presentation (30 points)                                                                         

If music is added, does it fit and add value? (0-10)                                   ________

Is the language suitable? (within poetic usage) ? (0-5)                             ________


Is the poetry clear and understandable? (0-10)                                        ________

Is the packaging (j-card, case, credits, etc.) acceptable? (0-5)               ________

Submissions are restricted to releases from the immediate past year.

Spoken word CDs will be considered upon prior arrangement with the Committee.

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